Windows Computer Tips

Never use your laptop on a bed or a cushion or the carpet or indeed your lap

(blocking ventilation grills underneath can damage your hard drive as heat has nowhere to go)

Never move your laptop whilst its plugged in

Tension of the power jack, might break the socket inside ( and its not always fixable)

Never touch the inside of your Desktop PC , without a grounding band and anti static mat:

Your fingers can damage delicate computer parts

Desktop Computers should be protected with an anti-surge protection plug. ( around £15 from many shops)

This stops spike of electricity damaging components inside your machine

Always do regular back ups of your files to a memory stick or external hard drive or the cloud

Back up drives can fail, so always do a back up of a back up

Do not use a computer still running Windows 7

Microsoft stopped support for Windows 7 in January 2020

Keep your Windows and Anti Virus Software up to date

Otherwise you could get hacked and don’t rely on free ones to protect you